Best TV Shows to Watch on Netflix: Kim’s Convenience

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Kim’s Convenience is a Canadian Sitcom about a Korean family living in Canada. The main characters in the show are Mr. and Mrs. Kim (who are the owners of a convenience store), Janet (their daughter who is in film school), and Jung (their son who is working at a car rental place.

The show was recommended to me by a friend, and I thought it was really funny. Even though I am not Korean, the show plays on a lot of typical Asian stereotypes, so if you are Asian you might find some of the jokes in the show really funny (probably even more so if you are Korean). Even if you do not understand all of the Asian stereotypes when watching Kim’s Convenience though, there are a ton of other funny scenes as well.

Although Kim’s Convenience is more focused on the comedy and humor, there is also a cohesive storyline that goes throughout the show. At some points the storyline can become a bit discombobulated, but in general it flows well. There is also quite a bit of character and relationship development throughout the show (otherwise the show would not be able to go on successfully for 5+ seasons).

Each season is 13 episodes, and so far there are 4 seasons released on Netflix. Season 5 of Kim’s Convenience is being released in Canada right now (as of January 2021), so once the episodes finish releasing it should be coming to Netflix soon. While most of the actors and actresses are not household names in America, Simu Liu plays Jung Kim. Liu will be playing the first Asian superhero in an upcoming Marvel movie (Shang-Chi and the Legend of the 10 Rings), so watching him in Kim’s Convenience will be a good introduction to him!


5 responses to “Best TV Shows to Watch on Netflix: Kim’s Convenience”

  1. Thank you for the recommendation and I will go to Netflix to watch it. However I hope it is better than “Fresh Off The Boat”. LOL.

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    1. Better in my opinion but definitely still plays on many Asian stereotypes

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  2. I tried to watch “Fresh Off The Boat”, but some episodes are too painful to watch and I had to give up on it. It is so disheartening to witness so many good TV shows on Lifetimes, Netflix, Hulu, HBO like “Affair”, “Billions”, “Homeland”, “The Good Fight” etc, but none of them has anything to do with East Asians. Movies and shows about Asians are so lacking in qualities… Most of them are quite juvenile in its quality, mentality, and depth.

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    1. Unfortunately, I think you might be disappointed in the show then as although it is a step above “Fresh Off the Boat” in terms of quality and depth, it is just a comedy and it does not have the type of deep storyline that the other shows you mentioned have. While I agree there definitely needs to be higher quality dramas about Asians produced, I also think that shows like “Fresh Off the Boat” and “Kim’s Convenience” help Asian directors and actors/actresses get their first chances in significant roles (and hopefully continue to move the TV and movie industry in the right direction). However, I do also understand the concern that shows like these can pigeonhole Asian actors/actresses into these types of stereotypical roles.

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      1. That’s so true. These shows, although very imperfect, give Asian directors and actors their chance to develop.

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