Best Ice Creams to Try: Roselani Haupia Ice Cream

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Haupia is a traditional Hawaiian coconut milk-based dessert, but it is also a very common ice cream flavor in Hawaii. They serve haupia ice cream at a lot of restaurants, but you can also find Roselani’s Haupia Ice Cream at any local Hawaii supermarket.

Roselani was started in 1932 by Manuel Nobriga on Maui, and it is still made there today. Roselani Ice Cream has been continued by four generations of the Nobriga family, and they try to keep as faithful as they can to the original recipes. Roselani’s Haupia Ice Cream has a strong coconut taste, and the ice cream is rich, but also not too sweet and heavy. It is definitely one of the best eat-at-home coconut ice creams I have tasted.

Roselani Ice Cream has a signature look, as all of their products are served in half-gallon “bricks” like the above picture. Apparently Roselani has over 30 different types of ice cream flavors, but I have only tried the haupia ice cream. They also have other ones that sound good such as Classic Macadamia Nut, Hawaiian Vanilla Bean, Kona Coffee, etc. You can check out the full list of ice creams on their website here.

Roselani Ice Cream is a bit more expensive than traditional ice creams such as Haagen Dazs and Ben & Jerry’s, but it is made in Hawaii with local ingredients. I do not know if they sell any on the mainland or whether it is only available in Hawaii, but if you ever see Roselani Ice Cream at a store, I would definitely try it out!


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