Best Articles to Read: The Challenges of Getting Long-Covid Patients Back to Work

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While COVID-19 numbers are going down throughout the country, the disease is still nothing to take lightly. While most people only experience minor symptoms and recover ok, there are plenty of people who suffer severe effects of COVID-19.

In this WSJ article titled “The Challenges of Getting Long-Covid Patients Back to Work”, the writer interviews people who are still experiencing the effects of COVID-19 long after they should have recovered. While these people survived, they still endure extreme fatigue and brain fog.

One patient in the article mentions that she “cannot complete even the most basic tasks before [her]”, and that she cannot work 8-hour days anymore. Other patients in the article mention that they have needed to negotiate with their employers about different work schedules that can accommodate the frequent breaks they need to take within their day. While this may be possible for people who work for large corporations, freelancers and self-employed people have not enjoyed this same luxury. Several freelancers in the article mention that they either have to just push through or survive on less than they did before.

It is a bit of a painful article to read, but also highlights the severity of COVID-19. It is not something that we should take lightly at all, and it is important to try and stay as healthy as possible. Even if these complications are not as severe as death (which many people have also had), they are still terrible and can have a big impact on people’s daily lives.


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