Best Restaurants to Eat at In Honolulu: Ono Seafood

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Address: 747 Kapahulu Ave, Honolulu, HI 96816

Out of all the restaurants that you see when people visit Hawaii, Ono Seafood probably tops the list. It is a must-stop for all tourists, and I have seen it posted on people’s Instagrams countless times.

There is a good reason people always post pictures of it though, and that is because it is a really good restaurant. Ono Seafood mostly serves poke, and is best known for its spicy ahi poke. However, they also have other types of ahi poke and seafood poke if you want something besides spicy ahi.

As you can see in the picture above, Ono Seafood’s poke also looks really good in pictures. Ono Seafood’s fish is top quality, and its tuna in particular always has a really nice red color. While the rice is not the best in my opinion, in poke bowls it really is the fish that matters the most, as oftentimes most people just buy poke by the pound and make rice at home.

Ono Seafood is reasonably priced as well, with a poke bowl costing between $10-12 depending on the size. This is a pretty typical price range for poke bowls, and Ono Seafood definitely has one of the best! Ono Seafood also opened a new location in Hawaii Kai, which is also good, but not quite as good as the original in my opinion.


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