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Sports cards were a huge hobby of mine when I was younger, although I have not bought any for many years now. As a sports fan though, sports cards were easy to see the appeal of, as they were often the closest way a young kid like me could get to the action. That’s why when I recently saw a Bleacher Report article about a new website called NBA Top Shot, I was instantly hooked.

The concept of NBA Top Shot may seem outrageous to some people, as NBA Top Shot is just a collection of digital NBA highlights that have been put into card form. These “highlights” are videos of great plays that have happened in the NBA recently, and each highlight represents a different card. NBA Top Shot then uses blockchain technology to number each of the cards, with especially low number cards or numbers matching the player’s jersey numbers being valued the most. You can read more about the exact details of how it works here.

NBA Top Shot is in the middle of the perfect storm right now, and it is impossible to tell yet whether it is something that will be sustainable in the future, or whether it is just a fad for right now. Blockchain technology is one of the hottest topics right now, as it is the basis of digital currencies such as Bitcoin. NBA Top Shot has capitalized on this hype, and blended it with the NBA, which has plenty of its own followers. Recently, a low numbered Lebron James card sold for $208,000, which highlights the rapid rise of NBA Top Shot.

Currently, NBA Top Shot is still in beta right now, which means they are trying to work out any flaws before they launch it to a wider audience. The fact that it is still in beta right now though suggests that if NBA Top Shot were ever to really take off, it is still in the very early stages. While there is a good chance this represents the high point of the NBA Top Shot market (and that it never makes it to a wider audience base), I just want to have a little bit of exposure to some of the cards just in case. While I would not recommend putting any money into it that you cannot afford, if you are a sports or investing fan, I think NBA Top Shot is a great topic to do more research on!

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