Best Restaurants in Honolulu: Olena by Ron Simon

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Address: 1933 Republican St, Honolulu, HI 96819

I recently went to Olena by Ron Simon for the first time; I had heard about the restaurant a lot on Yelp and from other people mentioning it, but I had never actually tried it out before.

Since the restaurant is a little far from my house, the worker recommended not to bring back their signature fish n’ chips since it likely wouldn’t stay fresh for the drive home. However, I did get to try some other dishes such as their spicy ahi roll, beef stew, beef brisket, etc.

The spicy ahi roll in particular was really good, as they fried the outside to make the nori crispy. I also enjoyed it because it was a good change of pace from traditional poke bowls, as it was in a roll form. Olena also has a number of dishes, most of them which have some form of a Filipino influence. You can check out their full menu here.

Olena’s website says that they aim to create healthy and flavorful meals using high quality and fresh ingredients, and I think that they do achieve that objective. None of their dishes were super fancily prepared, but they were all very tasty and well prepared. I would definitely go back at some point in the future!

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