Best Japanese Shows to Watch: Ouroboros

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Ouroboros is a Japanese drama about two former “brothers” who grew up in an orphanage together. One has grown up to become a rising star in the police force, while another is continuing to move up the yakuza ranks. Although their daily jobs are completely different, they still keep in contact and are working towards the same goal.

Ryuzaki (Toma Ikuta) is the police officer, while Danno (Shun Oguri) is the yakuza member who always gives Ryuzaki the first tips for new cases. The two brothers call themselves Ouroboros, and they are trying to get revenge for their former teacher, Yuiko Sensei. Yuiko Sensei was killed one night right in front of Ryuzaki’s eyes when he was young. Both Ryuzaki and Danno were extremely close with her, as she had raised them ever since they joined the orphanage.

Along the way, Ryuzaki and Danno learn that Yuiko Sensei was a much different person than they envisioned her to be. This leads them to discover huge scandals and corruption within the police force, all of which relate to Yuiko Sensei’s murder. Ouroboros’ storyline is really complex, and it is not a light-hearted type of show.

I really enjoyed watching Ouroboros because it was different from a lot of other Japanese shows where you know the ending before the story even begins. I had no clue of how Ouroboros was going to end, and the ending surprised me quite a bit. Ouroboros definitely had a darker tone to the show, but if you enjoy watching mystery/crime shows it is a great watch!


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