Best TV Shows to Watch on Disney+: WandaVision

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WandaVision is the latest show available on Disney+, and it is a 9 episode series focusing on the Marvel characters Wanda and Vision. I would say I still have mixed feelings about the show, as while I found it entertaining and worth a watch, I also did not understand some of what was going on. I think WandaVision is a show mainly intended for die-hard Marvel fans who know every little detail about the Marvel universe, as in each episode there are a lot of easter-eggs and references to past Marvel movies.

The format of WandaVision is also a bit confusing and unorthodox, especially at the beginning. The first 2-3 episodes in particular were exceptionally different, and I was going to stop watching the show if the format of the episodes did not change. WandaVision follows the format of sitcoms that were popular in each decade starting from the mid 1900s before moving into more modern sitcom formats (it is hard to explain, but you will understand the format once you watch it). For the first couple of episodes though, it seems like nothing is going on, and it is nothing like a typical Marvel movie. It is not until episode 3-4 that the show starts to have more action and a more traditional Marvel storyline.

I found WandaVision to be entertaining once the show found its stride, and the show goes into much more detail about Wanda and Vision than any of the Avenger movies ever did. According to this article by Den of Geek, Wanda is going to play a very significant role in the upcoming Marvel movies, so it is important to get familiar with her character before then.

If you have the opportunity to rewatch some of the most recent Marvel movies such as Captain Marvel and Avengers, it would be a good refresher of what takes place during WandaVision. It had been a while since I had last watched them, so my memory was a bit fuzzy on what exactly had happened.


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