Best Restaurants to Eat at in Tokyo: Toritsune Shizendo (鳥つね)

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Since I have been pretty busy recently, I have not had as much time to write new blog posts. While I am still constantly finding new things I love to recommend, I wanted to share some of my previous favorite recommendations. Over the course of this blog, I have now written over a year’s worth of posts (376 and counting), so you may have missed some of these along the way!

I found Toritsune Shizendo through a TimeOut article about the best cheap Michelin-star restaurants to eat at in Tokyo. I am a huge fan of oyakodon, but I have never really had a standout oyakodon place before. Oyakodon is a relatively simple dish that is hard to make special. However, this 1 Michelin star restaurant is known for its incredible chicken. Dinner can be around 10,000 yen (because they have all types of chicken dishes, not just oyakodon), but for a lunch set the oyakodon was only 1800 yen.

The egg and chicken quality were definitely superior to any I have in the past. Maybe it was the preparation of the egg, but it was really runny, while still being tasty; the egg was the highlight of the dish in my opinion. The chicken and the rice were also very high quality, and all the ingredients combined to make a far better than usual oyakodon.

Toritsune Shizendo is a relatively small restaurant, and they only take cash. I did not have to wait when I went, but this is probably because of the lack of people eating out due to the coronavirus. I am sure that once everything begins to die down, the restaurant will become packed again and there will be a wait. However, if you have time and are in the area, I definitely recommend making a trip to try the lunch special oyakodon!


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