Best Podcasts to Listen to: CBS Sports Fantasy Baseball Today

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While it may seem like baseball season just ended, the 2021 MLB season is starting again on April 1st. This year, there is going to be a full season (if everything goes as planned) of 162 games, compared to the 60 game sprint that happened last year. While baseball is not my favorite sport to watch, fantasy baseball is my favorite sport to play fantasy for.

Since the season is starting on April 1st, a lot of baseball fans are having their fantasy baseball drafts in the upcoming weeks. I know my league is having our draft on March 21st, and I am trying to get caught up on everything there is to know before then.

In a previous post I recommended the CBS Sports Fantasy Football podcast. I am happy to say that after listening to that podcast for the whole season, I was finally able to win my first fantasy football championship in 2020! While I have won my fantasy baseball league multiple times before, the grind never stops, and I am looking forward to hopefully winning it again this year. The CBS Sports Fantasy Baseball podcast has been my go-to fantasy baseball podcast in the past, and I hope the expert analysis provided on the show helps me again this year.

The Fantasy Baseball podcast and the Fantasy Football podcast by CBS Sports are pretty similar in the production, and they mostly differ only by the sport. If you enjoy listening to one, I am sure you will enjoy the other if you play both fantasy football and fantasy baseball. I am super excited for the MLB season to start, and if you do not already play fantasy baseball, I would highly recommend joining a league before April 1st!


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