Best Streaming Services to Have: Paramount+

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Paramount+ is the last of the major streaming services to be released by legacy TV networks. It used to be called CBS All Access, but it was recently rebranded to Paramount+.

Paramount+ has all of CBS shows (past and present), such as The Big Bang Theory, NCIS, etc. It also has a lot of past movies (because CBS is part of Viacom) including The Godfather, the Mission Impossible series, Star Trek, etc. My family loves Paramount+ because they have released a bunch of unique Star Trek content (apart from the movies) that is only available on the streaming service. It might be worth getting Paramount+ even if the only show you are interested in is Star Trek.

Another great thing about Paramount+ though is that it has most of, if not all, of the major sports events that are shown on CBS. This includes things such as Champions League, Golf, March Madness, etc. CBS is one of the major TV stations for carrying live sports, so Paramount+ is also worth getting for sports fans without cable.

Since the service just launched, they are offering a discount for Paramount+ if you sign up right now. For a year, you can get either the version with commercials for $30 or the version without commercials for $50. This comes out to less than $5 a month, even for the more expensive version, which is an incredible deal considering how much content is already available on Paramount+. The promo code checkout to receive the discount is YEAR, and you can check out the full article here!

Even though there are so many streaming services and it might not seem worth paying for another, I think Paramount+ is well worth the investment. It appeals to a wide base of interests, and the price point is very reasonable as well with the discount!

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