Best Sporting Event to Watch: March Madness

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Once a year (except for last year), there is a magical sports period from the end of March to the beginning of April. You only need to say two words to get sports fans around the world pumped up, and those two words are March Madness.

Today marks the official first day of March Madness, and the first 2 days of March Madness are always the two best of the college basketball tournament. While typical basketball power schools such as Gonzaga, Kansas, Michigan, etc. will likely be around at the end, the first two days of March Madness are so special because they produce upsets and “Cinderella’s”. Unlike most other sporting events, March Madness is prone to having significant upsets since it is a single elimination tournament, and any team has a chance to win if they have a great day.

Another great part of watching March Madness is being able to check how your brackets are doing, and see how long your perfect streak can last. Although it is almost impossible to get a perfect bracket, it is always exciting to enter bracket challenges and compete against other college basketball fans from around the world.

Technically, the tournament started yesterday with the play-in games, but those were just appetizers of what is to come. Still, there were two really close games yesterday with UCLA beating Michigan State and Drake beating Wichita State, and both games got me even more excited for today. There is just no better sporting event better than March Madness, and barring any unforeseen events from COVID-19, it should be a spectacular tournament to watch! Be sure to check it out on CBS and its family of networks for the next 2 weeks!


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