Best Japanese Shows to Watch on Rakuten Viki: Residential Complex

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Residential Complex was a really hard-hitting Japanese drama that had a lot of deep and complex storylines. Japanese romance dramas tend to be very standard, and they do not touch on a lot of difficult and delicate topics.

Residential Complex was the complete opposite of most Japanese dramas, as it touched on topics such as infertility, same-sex relationships, parenting style, and step-parent/child relationships. In Residential Complex, there are 4 different households who live in the same apartment building and share a common space.

One of the couples is having difficulty conceiving, which leads them to try different methods to try and get pregnant; another couple is an openly gay man with another who has not come out yet; the third couple is dealing with money issues and how to best raise their children; the final couple was not planning on having any kids, but an accident causes them to reconsider.

While there are still a lot of happy moments within the drama, it is also much more heavy and non-traditional format. All of the storylines are good though, and it is clear that the director was trying to address important topics through the show!

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