Best Things to Watch on TV: MLB Opening Day

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PLAY BALL! Today, in addition to being April Fools Day, is also the first day of the MLB season (not a joke!). While watching regular baseball is not always at the top of my priority list because of how long the season is (162 games), Opening Day is always a special event.

In normal times, it is always nice to see each of the games filled with fans, as well as all of the teams having the excitement of starting a new season. Once the season starts, the excitement wears off for bad teams who have no chance of competing; on Opening Day though, it is the only time of the year where every single has the same record (0-0), and thus fans can hope for a miracle. Additionally, Opening Day is exciting because all 30 teams are playing, and often it is the best pitchers who are on the mound since it is every team’s first game.

There are 4 games being shown on ESPN tomorrow from 1 PM EST all the way until 10 PM EST, so there should be plenty of action. This games include heavyweights such as the Dodgers, the Yankees, and the Braves.

While I am super excited because I can finally see my fantasy baseball team in action, there is also a $200k challenge on if you can correctly predict all 15 games. While it is a long shot, it is worth taking a chance filling out brackets and potentially getting lucky. At the very least, taking part in the challenge will have you more invested when watching the games!

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