Best Habits to Have: Taking a Cold Shower

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I recently had Jim Kwik, a famous brain coach, come to speak in one of my classes. Jim Kwik reminded me a lot of Tim Ferriss, and listening to him speak inspired me to test out a lot of different things in my life. One of the habits Kwik mentioned was taking a cold shower, which is something I had already been considering trying for a long time.

Hearing Kwik mention that cold showers are one of the most important things about his morning routine, I decided to try and make the switch once and for all. I have found taking a cold shower to be really useful for several reasons. First of all, Kwik mentioned that taking cold showers has health benefits such as improving circulation. However, a really key benefit of taking a cold shower for me is that it wakes me up. It is not a comfortable experience taking a cold shower in the morning, but it does immediately make me more alert. This is really beneficial for me, as I am often very tired in the morning.

In addition to the benefits I mentioned earlier, taking cold showers also has benefits for the environment. First, it is better for the environment because it does not require energy to heat the water. Another key benefit is that since taking a cold shower is uncomfortable, you will be motivated to take a quick shower and get out as fast as you can. I have found that it greatly reduces the time I spend in the shower, which helps to save water.

While I personally just started taking a cold shower, you can also ease yourself into gradually taking cold showers. This can be done by gradually reducing the temperature each time you take a shower, or by switching from hot/cold water whenever you can. If you can eventually get to taking only cold showers, I think it will be better not only for you, but also the environment!


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