Best Japanese Shows to Watch on Rakuten Viki: Dangerless Detectives

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Dangerless Detectives is one of the newest shows available on Rakuten Viki, as it was produced in September of 2020 (and only recently added to Viki).

Dangerless Detectives is one of the funniest Japanese shows I have watched so far, although it is a really dumb and slapstick type of humor. The show is about 2 detectives who are trying to work their way up (one wants to become a police commissioner, while the other one wants to transfer to a corporate job) the ladder without ever putting themselves in danger. The two detectives come up with plots or stories to get themselves put into the easiest stakeouts, which leaves them with time to do extracurricular activities while on the job (eating at good restaurants, going to the sauna, hanging out with girls, etc.).

One of the reasons Dangerless Detectives was such a funny show is that even though the two detectives do the least work possible, they have such good luck that they always end up solving the crime or catching the criminal without even intending to. The two detectives lead a charmed life, which is hilarious compared to the other two detectives in the show, who are constantly saddled with bad luck (they never get credit for catching the criminals) even though they put in the most work.

Dangerless Detectives is only 8 episodes of 25 minutes, so it is a really quick show to get through. If you are looking for some good laughs and don’t have too high of expectations heading into the show, I think you will be pleasantly surprised by Dangerless Detectives (if it suits your sense of humor).


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