Best Japanese Shows to Watch: Juhan Shuttai

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Juhan Shuttai is my second favorite Japanese drama that I have ever watched, just ahead of The Good Doctor and just behind The Emperor’s Cook. Juhan Shuttai and The Emperor’s Cook both star the same lead actress, Haru Kuroki, so it could be that I just really admire her acting prowess.

I really enjoyed watching Juhan Shuttai for several reasons. First, I thought Juhan Shuttai had such an interesting storyline, as it is about the manga industry and how manga is developed. Juhan Shuttai shows everything from the creative process (both writing and artwork) to the publishing side to the sales side. It really provides an inside look about how the manga industry operates, and I gained so much respect for everyone who operates in it.

After watching Juhan Shuttai, you will likely gain a deep appreciation for the story creators, as you can see how difficult of a process is. The amount of work they have to put in, as well as the tight deadlines they have to meet, mean that they are constantly under a lot of stress and pressure. It is also interesting watching Juhan Shuttai and seeing how important the editors and salespeople are, and how big of a role they have in which mangas become successes.

With manga and anime both becoming part of mainstream culture, I constantly hear my friends discussing it. However, before watching Juhan Shuttai, I never had a deep understanding or appreciation of the industry. Now though, I can see what makes it so appealing, and it makes it easier for me to try and watch anime (even if I do still prefer live-action dramas).

In addition to the amount that you will learn watching the show, Juhan Shuttai is just a very enjoyable show to watch. The characters are all super likable, and the storyline is extremely interesting. Similar to The Emperor’s Cook, it is just the right balance of emotional and upbeat. For viewers with almost any type of TV show preference, I would highly recommend watching Juhan Shuttai!

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