Best Websites to Learn More About: CryptoSlam

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Mark Cuban is famous for being one of the sharks on the hit TV show Shark Tank, so you know he has a decent track record for investing. One of his most recent investments (not on Shark Tank though) was in a company called CryptoSlam.

CryptoSlam is one of the most useful websites I have found for learning more about crypto, and in particular NFTs. CryptoSlam does a great job of aggregating sales from all NFT platforms into an easy to use and navigate website. On CryptoSlam, you can see the most recent sales of NFT, as well as which NFT projects have the most sales in the past 24 hours (as well as by week, month, and all time).

For someone who is an avid collector in NBA Top Shot, CryptoSlam is really useful for me to see how the NBA Top Shot market is performing, as well as recent sales that happened on the platform. CryptoSlam has also recently expanded to valuing accounts, so you can use it to see what all of your NFTs are worth (a really useful new feature!).

CryptoSlam is a relatively new website, and I anticipate it growing alongside NFTs. CryptoSlam is constantly adding new features and tools, and it is a great way to learn about all NFTs (ranging from super popular ones to not so popular ones). Definitely be sure to check it out!


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