Best Board Games to Play: Liar’s Dice

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Liar’s Dice is a really simple and fun game to play with family and friends. The game is famous for being featured in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean, and they have a replica set from the movie (it is no longer produced though).

Liar’s Dice is somewhat similar to poker, although it is played with dice. I would consider it similar to poker though because it requires deception, bluffing, and probability. However, it is much more simple and easier to understand, which means there is significantly less learning curve to the game.

One of the good things about Liar’s Dice is that it can go up to as many people as you have, as long as you have enough dice to play. Some people like to play with large groups, while others excel at 1-1 games. Each person starts with five dice, and each round the loser removes a dice. While you can buy sets that come with 20-30 dice, if you already have that many dice at home, you can play with that and cups without having to buy anything.

The full instructions for Liar’s Dice can be viewed here, and if you are looking for a new game to play I would check it out!


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