Best Japanese Shows to Watch: Tonbi

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Tonbi is a Japanese drama that is a real feel-good story to watch. Tonbi is based on a Japanese book by the same name, but I am not sure whether it is a true story or not.

The main reason I watched Tonbi is because of the main character, who is played by Takeru Satoh, the main character from The Emperor’s Cook. While he did an excellent job (as expected), it was actually the other main character, his dad (played by Maasaki Uchino) who drove the show.

Tonbi is a drama that does not really have an obvious plot line, as the story is about the development of a kid named Akira from his childhood to adulthood. Akira is raised by his dad and the rest of his community after his mother dies in an accident. Tonbi is a real feel good drama because while you may expect his life to be sad after his mom dies, his father and his father’s friends do an amazing job raising and providing for him.

Tonbi switches back between Akira’s childhood and adulthood, and the two timelines do not converge until later in the show, so it might seem a bit slow at the beginning. However, it is worth sticking around for the entire show, and the pace does pick up more towards the end.


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