Best Japanese Shows to Watch: Mi Wo Tsukushi Ryoricho

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While The Emperor’s Cook still remains my favorite Japanese drama, Mi Wo Tsukushi Ryoricho is a drama that fans of The Emperor’s Cook should watch. Mi Wo Tsukushi Ryoricho follows a similar format and storyline, and even has one of the main characters from The Emperor’s Cook (Haru Kiroki).

Mi Wo Tsukushi Ryoricho also has many of the same actors/actresses as Juhan Shuttai, so if you are a fan of that you will likely enjoy Mi Wo Tsukushi Ryoricho (it has at least four of the same cast members).

Mi Wo Tsukushi Ryoricho takes place during the 1800s, and the main character is a female cook who is taking over a well-known Japanese restaurant in Tokyo. Considering the timeframe, Mio (the main character) faces a lot of discrimination from people in Tokyo who do not believe women should be professional cooks. Still, she is almost immediately able to sway many people’s opinions with the power of her cooking. Mi Wo Tsukushi Ryoricho is somewhat similar to Midnight Diner, as at the end of each episode they show how to cook the main dish.

In addition to Mio breaking boundaries, the show also revolves around Mio’s childhood best friend. They haven’t seen each other for years, and Mio thinks she died in a tragic accident. However, throughout the course of the show, Mio learns more about her best friend’s history and possible current whereabouts.

Mi Wo Tsukushi Ryoricho should appeal to a variety of audiences. It is worth watching for people who are interested in food, but also people who like mystery and drama. I was not the biggest fan of the ending of the show, but other than that I really enjoyed watching Mi Wo Tsukushi Ryoricho!


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