Best TV Shows to Watch on Apple TV: Ted Lasso

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While Apple TV is not a streaming service that I use too much (I only have it because it comes with the purchase of an Apple device), it does have some surprisingly good shows. As I’ve mentioned before, Mythic Quest is a show I really enjoyed watching. However, Ted Lasso is the best show I’ve watched on Apple TV so far, and it might be worth getting a monthly subscription to watch.

Ted Lasso came out in August 2020, and there is supposed to be a new season being released starting from July 23rd of this year.

Ted Lasso is a former college football coach (American football) who is hired to be a head coach in the British Premier League (the top soccer league in England). Lasso is hired as a sort of joke, as the owner of the club he is coaching for wants to try and tank the club (thus the reason he is hired despite being so unqualified).

Nevertheless, Lasso is able to pick up the sport quickly, and makes a big impression on his team with his passion and outlook on life. He eventually learns more about the X’s and O’s about soccer and how the Premier League works, but it is his role as motivator that makes him succeed as a coach.

Ted Lasso is a great show to watch even for non-soccer and sports fans. Jason Sudeikis and the rest of the cast are very funny and entertaining to watch, and there is plenty of drama and storylines outside of the soccer story. The soccer games only make up about 5% of the show, and the rest of the show is focused on developing all of the characters. I am looking forward to season 2!


3 responses to “Best TV Shows to Watch on Apple TV: Ted Lasso”

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