Best Things to Watch on TV: Monaco Grand Prix

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Out of all of the F1 races (there are 20+ per year), almost every fan would likely have the same answer for which Grand Prix they would want to attend. The Monaco Grand Prix is the most historic and famous of all F1 races, and might be the most well-known race for any racing sport.

The Monaco Grand Prix is the ultimate peak of luxury, as in normal times the richest people in the world gather in Monaco to show off their yachts and watch the race. While I have never been to the Monaco Grand Prix (nor Monaco), it looks like an incredible site and location.

As you can see in the picture above, the Monaco Grand Prix has an incredibly unique and challenging layout. F1 cars, which are among the most expensive and fastest cars in the world, are literally racing through the streets of Monaco. The streets are extremely narrow, and it must be an incredible feeling to be going 150+ mph racing through the city. The streets of Monaco were not built for racing (they were built for every day use like any other city streets), which is why the Monaco Grand Prix is a must-see event.

Qualifying for the race just happened, and since the streets are so narrow, whoever qualifies first normally ends up winning the Grand Prix. However, I would recommend at least watching the qualifying highlights to see the track, and tune in or record the Grand Prix to see how it looks on TV! The Grand Prix starts at 9 AM EST on ESPN on Sunday morning!

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