Best Products to Try: Larq Water Bottle

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Larq is a company that was recently featured on the popular show Shark Tank (check out their pitch here), and they are the first company to utilize UV-C cleaning in a water bottle cap.

While Hydro flasks are a great product, I have a tough time using them consistently because I get lazy and do not like to clean them often. However, if I do not clean my Hydro flask consistently, it begins to smell and I worry about bacteria build up. Oftentimes I just let my Hydro flask sit rather than spend the time and effort to wash it.

Larq water bottles help to solve this issue, as the cap of the water bottle utilizes a UV-C light to kill bacteria within the bottle. It is the same technology that is utilized in the Phone Soap, except this time it is cleaning a water bottle instead of a phone. In addition to cleaning the inside of the bottle, the UV-C light is supposed to kill any bacteria in the water itself, which means that it purifies your water. This is not the same as filtering (which removes any particles), but is still really helpful when on the go (or when drinking tap water).

After having recently taken my Larq on a week long trip, I can say that the UV-C technology seemed to have worked well, as there was no smell or weird taste within the water. While I would still recommend washing the bottle every now and then, it does at least delay the time in between washes (and I have more peace of mind even when the bottle is not washed for a while).

As you would expect, Larq’s are not cheap, as the UV-C bottle starts at around $70, and goes up to $95 (if you want the version that keeps liquids cold/hot for extended periods of time). However, everyone knows that staying hydrated is important, and if the Larq’s technology will help you to consistently drink water, it may be worth the purchase price!


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