Best Books to Read: Crazy Rich Asians Series (Kevin Kwan)

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While I am still constantly finding new things I love to recommend, I wanted to share some of my previous favorite recommendations. Over the course of this blog, I have now written over a year’s worth of posts (412 and counting), so you may have missed some of these along the way!

Many people may only know Crazy Rich Asians the movie, which was a big hit that came out in 2018 (hard to believe it was 3 years ago already!).

However, if you have not read the books yet, you are missing out. There are 3 books in the series (the other 2 will be made into movies at some point in the future): Crazy Rich Asians, China Rich Girlfriend, and Rich People Problems. In case you want to know what will happen in the next couple of movies, you can find out by reading the next 2 books. The books are super entertaining and hard to put down; I actually prefer the Crazy Rich Asians book to the movie (although both were good).

It only took me a week or so to finish all 3 books because they were so intriguing. Also, since there will be no more books written in the series, you will not have to wait for another one to come out. All three were relatively equal in quality, and it is hard to identify a favorite out of the three (although the first one is easiest to relate to since the movie is already out).

If you are a fan of reading fiction, I think you will definitely enjoy this series. Let’s hope the next movie comes out within the next year or 2!


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