Best YouTube Videos to Watch: Hunting & Eating the Venomous Lionfish

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Lionfish is a type of fish that I have heard of many times before, but never really seen or thought of eating before. After watching a video called “Hunting & Eating The Venomous Lionfish” though, I learned a lot more about the species and the types of problems it is creating.

The YouTube video was produced by Munchies, which is a channel affiliated with Vice. The video talks about how the lionfish has started to take over the Atlantic Ocean, especially in areas such as the Bahamas. Once it was introduced to the region, it has started to destroy all of the coral reefs and other fish species, as the lionfish has no natural predators.

In order to try and curb the growth of the lionfish population, spear fisherman in the Bahamas have started to hunt lionfish. While lionfish are one of the most poisonous species of fish, apparently they are actually edible and tasty (if prepared correctly). More and more restaurants are trying to serve lionfish to grow demand for it, which will in turn reduce the supply of it in the oceans. The video mentions that this is one of the rare cases where we would actually like to significantly lower the population of a species.

Overall, I found the video very interesting to watch and would be interested in potentially trying lionfish in the future. In the video, the fried lionfish looked fantastic and almost like any other white fish!


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