Best Sauces to Eat: Momoya Ra Yu Chili Oil with Fried Garlic

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Now that I have been living on my own for a bit, I have been doing a lot more cooking. Since I can’t really do anything fancy yet, I am sticking to the basics. This means a lot of rice and noodle dishes with some sort of vegetable and meat.

In order to make my meals more flavorful, I normally add some ra yu chili oil sauce with garlic. It is my favorite spicy sauce, and it goes well with almost any Asian dish. Although it is a chili sauce, it is not really that spicy, and even those who are not big spice fans can probably take the kick. The pieces of fried garlic in the sauce really make it taste good with any dish though.

I think that the Momoya’s ra yu chili oil sauce with garlic goes best with dumplings, but it also pairs well with noodles like udon and soba. I mostly cook Japanese dishes, but I think the sauce would also go well with Chinese and Korean dishes.

It can be hard to make food really flavorful all the time, and sometime it is just easy to use pre-made sauces. I think Momoya’s ra yu chili oil sauce with garlic is a really great way to spice up whatever you are cooking!

Momoya’s Ra Yu Chili Oil Sauce with Garlic Recommendation Rating: 4

This post has now been updated to reflect a new ratings system that I have implemented, which is scored as follows:

1: Something worth checking out if you have time

2: Something that is a hit for some people, but not a must for everyone

3: Something worth prioritizing if interested

4: Something worth making time to check out

5: An absolute home run, worth going out of your way for

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