Best Sports to Try: Squash

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Squash is a great sport to try out, but the major problem with it is accessibility. Unlike most other racquet sports, you probably need to become a member of a private club to be able to play. At least where I live, there are no public squash courts; however, if you can find courts around you I would recommend checking it out.

Squash is similar to racquetball, but I think it’s more fun. I would say that squash is easier skill wise than tennis, but harder physically. The muscles you use in squash are different than the ones you use in tennis, and there is a lot more bending and dynamic movements required in squash. If you play tennis already though, the learning curve is a lot less steep for squash.

Playing squash requires a lot of finesse and court positioning, but also just being able to hit the ball super hard is a huge advantage in squash (even more than other racquet sports I would say). I am still just beginning to learn the tactics and positioning needed for squash, but at the beginning as long as you are willing to put in a lot of effort running for balls you can compensate for a lack of knowledge (to a certain extent).

It really is unfortunate that squash is not accessible to a large part of the population, but if you can find a reasonably priced club around you I would recommend giving it a chance!

Squash Recommendation Rating: 4

1: Something worth checking out if you have time

2: Something that is a hit for some people, but not a must for everyone

3: Something worth prioritizing if interested

4: Something worth making time to check out

5: An absolute home run, worth going out of your way for


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