Using CrunchyRoll to Watch Anime

I used to watch anime on Netflix or some other websites (if you watch anime, you probably know what I am talking about), but I recently began subscribing to CrunchyRoll’s “Mega Fan” plan ($9.99/month). Compared to CrunchyRoll, Netflix has a small collection of anime in the US, and only has mostly older seasons for the shows it does have.

I normally watch anime through my IPad (and either watch directly or plug it in to the TV from there); two major use cases for me though are on the plane and the train. This requires offline viewing and downloading capabilities, both of which are available as part of the “Mega Fan” plan; CrunchyRoll has all of the latest anime (most come out the same day they are released in Japan with subs), as well as all of the most popular ones from the past.

CrunchyRoll also makes it seamless when streaming, similar to the great experience you have when watching Netflix (a really smooth interface and a great algorithm to recommend new anime you may like); the only thing I wish CrunchyRoll had that Netflix has is the autoplay functionality for new episodes and skipping of intros. Other than those two minor functionality upgrades though, I think CrunchyRoll is the best experience for anime watchers (and well worth the price if you watch often enough).


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