Buying the Franklin X-40 Pickleballs is Worth It

When you first start playing pickleball, you will probably buy the Niupipo pack as a starter set. It is convenient because it comes with paddles and balls, while also not being too expensive. This is a great set to learn with, but if you start playing a lot you should look into getting new pickleballs.

If you play with other people, you will most likely notice that everyone seems to play with a similar ball (bright neon green with an X through it). This is the ball I often found myself using when playing with friends who actually played, and it is a lot better than the balls that come with the Niupipo pack (more expensive too though).

This ball that everyone plays with is the Franklin X-40 pickleballs, and they are roughly $2 if you buy them on Amazon or elsewhere. They come in packs that go up to 100 balls (if you really get into it), and bounce/feel much better than the cheap pickleballs that come with the Niupipo set. The only bad thing about pickleballs is that they break pretty easily, so you should buy them in bulk if you play often enough (depends on how hard you are hitting the ball though).

While the quality of the pickleball may seem trivial, I think they do make a difference and are worth spending a couple extra bucks to make games more enjoyable!


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