Watch the Bill Russell: Legend Documentary on Netflix

Bill Russell was one of the most famous NBA players of all time, even though he played in the 1950s-1960s. Every NBA fan knows him, and even most casual sports fans have heard his name in some capacity (either because of his 11 rings or his civil rights activism off the court).

I knew of all the accomplishments from Russell’s career, as well as some of his off-the-court exploits; however, I wasn’t familiar with his entire life story or some of the biggest moments from his career.

The new documentary on Netflix titled “Bill Russell: Legend” goes into detail about everything he achieved in both his life and career. It is really incredible to see all the adversity he faced in his life, as well as how much of an impact he had on the modern NBA. Without Russell, it really is true that there wouldn’t have been a Michael Jordan or Lebron James. The documentary is a two part series (90 minutes each) that has wide ranging interviews with NBA players (both Russell’s contemporaries and those who came after him). It is clear how much everyone in the NBA respects and appreciates Russell, and it was great to learn more about one of the game’s true legends.


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