Start Listening to the Business Wars Podcast

I recently started listening to a podcast called “Business Wars”, which is produced by Wondery (I started listening after hearing a bunch of ads for it on “How I Built This”).

Each season of Business Wars dives into a different business competition, with recent seasons being Pixar vs. Disney and Apple vs. Microsoft. The format of the show is a bit different than other podcasts, as rather than doing interviews, they do a bit of role-play and voice over (with actors recreating key moments in the business war). The podcast flows more like a TV show/movie recreation of events. It takes a bit of getting used to (and some of the scenes may be a bit dramatized), but it is still a helpful and well-researched format.

There are 79 seasons of Business Wars, and I have only listened to the latest 2 seasons. It will take me a while to dig through the entire archive, but I’m sure there’s a bunch of interesting stories. Also, the fact that there’s been 79 seasons suggests that they have a pretty dedicated fan base!


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