Eat at Lotus of Siam in Las Vegas

Lotus of Siam is on a ton of best restaurants to eat at in Las Vegas lists, and rightfully so. I had heard of it a bunch, but had never actually gone until a recent trip.

While on the pricier side (it is in Vegas though), the prices aren’t unreasonable. Most dishes range from $20-30, with fancier dishes going up to $40-50.

Some of the best dishes I tried at Lotus of Siam were the crispy chilean sea bass, garlic prawns, and garlic pepper beef. Lotus of Siam has a pretty extensive menu though, and almost all of the dishes I tried were very good. It’s definitely a place that’s best to go with a large group, as there’s so many items to try.

A lot of times, I’m hesitant to try some of the most hyped up, tourist oriented restaurants (as I feel they don’t live up to the hype). However, Lotus of Siam is definitely worth going to in my opinion and will be a new regular spot for me to hit when in Las Vegas. It’s also good because it’s a really large restaurant, and both times I went I could walk in without reservations.


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