Watch Shrinking on Apple TV

If you are a fan of Ted Lasso, there is a new, fun comedy on Apple TV called Shrinking that is written by the same people. While not a soccer (nor sports) TV show, a lot of the same witty, feel good humor shines through in Shrinking.

Shrinking stars Jason Segel, Jessica Williams, and Harrison Ford as the main characters; the three of them play therapists who work together at the same office, and who are all dealing with their own personal issues. Each of them find different outlets to deal with their stress and personal life, but also they go through a lot of events together.

While the show is feel good for the most part, there is plenty of emotional depth and character development throughout the show. The show has many good laughs, but also manages to show characters at very low points in their lives.

If you are sad this is the last season of Ted Lasso, definitely check out Shrinking (season finale coming out today). There’s only one season so far, so it’s a pretty manageable show if you start watching now!


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