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Best Apps to Download: Express VPN

VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network”, and it really is a great tool to have nowadays. VPN’s can serve several purposes, and two of the main ones purposes are: it can help you watch TV shows even if you are in an unauthorized location and it can help to protect your data when you are…

Best YouTube Videos to Watch: Hunting & Eating the Venomous Lionfish

Lionfish is a type of fish that I have heard of many times before, but never really seen or thought of eating before. After watching a video called “Hunting & Eating The Venomous Lionfish” though, I learned a lot more about the species and the types of problems it is creating. The YouTube video was…

Best Japanese TV Shows to Watch: The Emperor’s Cook

Out of all the Japanese shows that I have watched so far (and there have been a lot), The Good Doctor, Jimmy, and Midnight Diner, have been some of my favorites. However, after watching my latest Japanese drama, The Emperor’s Cook, I can definitely say that this is my favorite drama so far (subject to…

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