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Best Websites to Learn More About: Discord

Discord is a website that I have known about for a long time, but have only recently started to use actively. Discord is really popular among the younger generation, and it used a lot by gamers and students. Discord was recently in talks to be bought out by Microsoft (for a valuation in the billions),…

Best Articles to Read: What Is Hi-Fi Audio, and Should You Pay More for It? (WIRED)

I always see advertisements for Tidal and other music streaming services offering hi-fi audio, and I have been curious to learn what difference hi-fi audio makes. In this article by WIRED, it talks about what exactly hi-fi audio is, and whether it is worth the extra premium price. Most of the major music streaming services…

Best Restaurants to Eat at in Hawaii: E.A.R.L

Address: 1137 11th Ave Kekaulike Information and Service Center, Honolulu, HI 96816 I am not normally not a huge sandwich fan, but E.A.R.L’s sandwiches are worth making an exception for. E.A.R.L has two locations on Oahu, one located in Kakaako and the other one in Kaimuki (the original). E.A.R.L has a relatively small menu, but…

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