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Buying the Franklin X-40 Pickleballs is Worth It

When you first start playing pickleball, you will probably buy the Niupipo pack as a starter set. It is convenient because it comes with paddles and balls, while also not being too expensive. This is a great set to learn with, but if you start playing a lot you should look into getting new pickleballs.…

When is the Best Time to Buy San Francisco 49ers Playoff Tickets

Buying sports tickets is hard, as there is no exact science on when the best time to purchase them are. Sometimes the best time to buy them is the day of the game, whereas other times it can be before the date for the game is even set. When I was trying to buy 49ers…

Using CrunchyRoll to Watch Anime

I used to watch anime on Netflix or some other websites (if you watch anime, you probably know what I am talking about), but I recently began subscribing to CrunchyRoll’s “Mega Fan” plan ($9.99/month). Compared to CrunchyRoll, Netflix has a small collection of anime in the US, and only has mostly older seasons for the…

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