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Best Crypto Websites to Use: Kraken

Since I was in Hawaii during quarantine during COVID-19, I found it extremely frustrating to try and buy crypto. All of the major websites such as Coinbase and Gemini kept blocking my account because of my Hawaii ID, which meant that I could not buy crypto unless I got a different state ID. Recently though,…

Favorite Podcast Episodes: The Tim Ferriss Show October 14th 2021 Episode

The Tim Ferriss Show is still one of my favorite podcasts to listen to, and I felt that his October 14th, 2021 episode was particularly strong. The episode is titled “How I Built The Tim Ferriss Show to 700+ Million Downloads – An Immersive Explanation of All Aspects and Key Decisions (Featuring Chris Hutchins)”. In…

Best Non-Fiction Books to Read: The Pumpkin Plan (Mike Michalowicz)

The Pumpkin Plan is a business book written by Mike Michalowicz about how to grow and build successful businesses. Like many business books, I think that the book is repetitive and could definitely do without so many anecdotes. However, this does not mean the book is not worth reading (feel free to skip parts if…

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