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Best Apps to Use: Been

Been was an app that was recommended to me by a friend. There are other similar apps, but it is the concept that I really like. The app is a great tool to have for anyone who loves to travel. If you have ever seen people who have a physical map and put pins in…

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Best Websites to Use: Wired

One of my personal favorite news sources is WIRED, whose editor is technology expert Steven Levy. WIRED is also a magazine, although I am only a subscriber to its digital platform. WIRED often runs special offers for its pricing, and my offer was $10 for 2 years of access (so cheap!). I really enjoy reading…

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Best Apps to Download: Audible

Audible is one of my personal favorite apps. In addition to listening to podcasts and reading an actual book, sometime it is easier to blend the two and listen to an audiobook. Personally, I have tried listening to fiction audiobooks, but it is hard for me to get really engrossed when I am only listening…

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