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Best Anime to Watch: Aoashi

One of my favorite recent anime is called Aoashi, and it is a soccer anime. There are a lot of similarities to Haikyuu, although I would say Aoashi is less dramatic and not as over exaggerated as Haikyuu (both good and bad). Aoashi is about a soccer player named Aoi Ashito and his rise throughout…

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Best Websites to Use: Tickpick

If you are going to sporting events, oftentimes the first names you will hear for places to buy tickets include Stubhub, Vivid, Seatgeek, Ticketmaster, etc.; however, one name that is not consistently mentioned much is Tickpick. While Tickpick is a relative newcomer to the ticket space, it has been around since 2011; I have started…

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Best Apps to Download: Tandem

If you have ever tired learning a language, oftentimes the most difficult thing to do is to practice speaking consistently. Unless you have people around you who speak the language and are willing to practice, it is difficult to find ways to improve your speaking skills. One app that I have found helpful for learning…

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