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Podcasts: American Prodigy

A long time ago, there was an upcoming soccer prodigy in the US named Freddy Adu. Some people might remember hearing his name, while others may have never heard it at all. Since I am a big sports fan, I remembered the name Freddy Adu, although it had been a long time since I had…

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Website: ESPN+

While The Athletic is still my go to site for sports news and sports articles, ESPN+ is the other sports subscription service that I have. ESPN+ has multiple pricing options, with one at $5.99/month, and the other at $49.99/year. Since ESPN is owned by Disney, there is also an option to have a bundle including…

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Apps: Fox Sports Super 6

While watching sports is fun, it is even more fun to watch sports when you have a bet on the game. Unfortunately, this is not possible to do in many parts of the US, including where I am located. However, Fox Sports Super 6 gives a great opportunity for fans to stay engaged when watching…

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