Here is an introduction to this blog.

This is, first of all, a blog for myself. After listening to a recent episode of the Tim Ferriss Show, I was inspired to do some sort of writing every day. The guest, Tyler Cowen, mentioned how for years he kept a blog that no one else ever saw (it was online, but this was in the early days of the Internet, so it was hard to attract any readers). Still, he mentioned how the daily ritual of blogging was very soothing and beneficial to his development as a writer. It allowed him to have an outlet to put down his best thoughts and keep a running record of his life.

I would not consider myself to be a particularly strong writer. I can write ordinary research and analytical essays for school, but my creative writing skills have never been anything special. Therefore, I figured I would try to experiment with a daily writing ritual, and this blog will be my attempt at it (hopefully one day in the distant future I will be able to look back at my hundreds of blog posts and see my development both as a writer and person).

I have tried similar things to this before, but it has never really stuck for me in the past. I consider myself to be an avid learner: I am constantly listening to podcasts, reading, trying to learn new skills, etc. For things I am most passionate about (sports, poker, food, traveling), I throw myself into them 100% and they can consume my entire life. My parents often say that if I ever find a passion that also becomes my work, I will be hard to stop because I will do literally anything to achieve it. However, up until this point, I have had trouble finding something that I can both enjoy and make a living from. Although I am confident I will eventually find it, no light bulb has gone off in my head so far.

I also have a habit of trying out things that I end up quickly giving up on (even though I could definitely accomplish it if I really set my mind to it). Sometimes, I just get bored and quit, sometimes I run into a roadblock that I am unwilling to fight through, and sometimes I am just too embarrassed/self conscious to try something completely different. This is a habit that I am hoping to break, and I am trying to focus on a smaller number of important things that I believe I can and will accomplish. This blog represents a start for me, and I hope that I will be able to follow through on it and update it daily (even though I will probably be the only one reading it).

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