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Sports: NFL Redzone

“7 hours of commercial free football starts now!” These are the famous words announced every Sunday by NFL Redzone host Scott Hanson, and I always look forward to hearing them. For those who have never heard of NFL Redzone, it is the ultimate football experience. Especially if you are an avid fantasy football player, Redzone…

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Charity: All In Challenge

The All In Challenge is one of the coolest fundraising opportunities that has come out of this coronavirus time. It has already made 10s of millions of dollars that will be donated to the coronavirus relief. The All In Challenge is super cool because you can either bid or enter a raffle to have a…

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Board Games: Stratego

During this quarantine, I have been playing a bunch of games. One of my favorites to play that you may not have heard of before is Stratego. Stratego is a board game version of capture the flag. I would say it also has some broad similarities to chess (but imagine that you knew where your…

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