Tag: Gelato

Food: Popbar (Los Angeles)

I do not eat that many desserts, but I will sometimes make an exception for ice/cream gelato. Popbar is a dessert place (they have shops throughout the US, but I have only been to ones in Los Angeles), and they have some of the best ice cream bars I have ever had. Basically, at Popbar…

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Food: Venchi (Italy)

Venchi is one of the best chocolate shops in Italy, but they also have stores in many other parts of the world. I am not a huge chocolate fan, but if you are into high quality chocolate, this is a great store to shop at. I mostly got chocolate at Venchi as a gift for…

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Food: Grom (Italy)

If there is one thing that I really miss from living in Italy, it is eating gelato. While I did not eat gelato every day (I didn’t want to gain too much weight), I did eat it quite often, maybe 2 times a week. There are plenty of good gelato stores in Italy, but one…

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