Tag: Internet

Website: WordPress

WordPress is the website that runs most sites; I saw an article recently that said WordPress now powers 38% of the Internet. It is used by so many people from people who are just trying to build a simple website (such as myself) to more complex websites built by businesses. I think that WordPress is…

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Tools: AdBlock

AdBlock, not to be confused with Adblock Plus, is the ad blocker I use in Google Chrome. I read a bunch of reviews before choosing which one to install, and most of the reviews that I read had AdBlock as the top option. AdBlock is really useful because it can block normal pop up ads,…

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Apps: Express VPN

VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network”, and it really is a great tool to have nowadays. VPN’s can serve several purposes, and two of the main ones purposes are: it can help you watch TV shows even if you are in an unauthorized location and it can help to protect your data when you are…

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