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TV Shows: Giri/Haji (Netflix)

Giri/Haji is a British/Japanese television show that was produced by the BBC, but is now shown on Netflix. The show has a half-Japanese and half-British cast, and it also splits time between the two places. The story is about the Japanese yakuza, the Japanese police, and the British police, and how a murder of a…

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TV Shows: Atelier

Atelier is one of the most popular Japanese shows on Netflix, and for good reason. Like many Japanese shows, the concept may seem a bit strange at first, but it somehow works really well. Atelier is about a high-end lingerie store, and the two main characters in the show are the original founder of the…

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TV: Rakuten Viki

If you have a Roku or any other smart TV stick at home, you should definitely add the Rakuten Viki channel to your list. It is home to a large number of Korean, Chinese, and Japanese TV shows, and it is free to watch (although there are some ads you have to watch). Also, the…

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