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Although I have started to use Duolingo a lot to practice my Japanese, it is only a supplement to JapanesePod101.com. JapanesePod101 is a website that is made to help people of any level practice their Japanese. Before I decided I was going to learn Japanese, I did a lot of research to see what the…

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Podcasts: NHK Japan

As I mentioned before in a previous post about Duolingo, I am using different methods to try and learn Japanese. Although it is a slow process, I am trying to take it step-by-step and gradually improve. While I think that Duolingo is a very effective tool to learn a language, I have also been using…

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Apps: Duolingo

I am sure many people have already heard of the language learning app, Duolingo. However, for those who have never heard of it, or for those who have never tried it before, I would definitely recommend using it if you are interested in learning a language. While it is not the most comprehensive language learning…

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