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Podcasts: 99% Invisible

Now that I am stuck at home most days, I do not get to listen to as many podcasts as I used to. The amount of podcasts that I listen to now compared to pre-coronavirus is much smaller, yet I have still kept 99% Invisible on my list. 99% Invisible is a podcast produced by…

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Podcast: Freakonomics Radio

Freakonomics is a podcast hosted by author, Stephen Dubner. Freakonomics has over 400 episodes, and the subjects include: the effects of social distancing, figuring out whether rent control is actually effective, discussing what socialism really entails, and the economics of running a sports team/sports gambling. These are just examples of the types of topics that…

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Podcast: The Tim Ferriss Show

I am a huge fan of podcasts; I think that they are the most accessible form of learning and entertainment available right now. You can listen to podcasts in the car, walking, on the train, around the house, etc. Considering there are almost an infinite number of podcasts available today, it can be difficult to…

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