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Sports: NFL Redzone

“7 hours of commercial free football starts now!” These are the famous words announced every Sunday by NFL Redzone host Scott Hanson, and I always look forward to hearing them. For those who have never heard of NFL Redzone, it is the ultimate football experience. Especially if you are an avid fantasy football player, Redzone…

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Golf: Champ Fly Tee

Tees are a super important, but often underrated part of golf. Everyone from pros from amateurs use them, and they benefit players of any skill level. However, one of the most frustrating things about the more commonly used, wooden tees is how often they break. If you are using wooden tees, you will probably have…

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Sports: Spikeball

Spikeball is a hobby that I have taken up during my time at home. I have seen it before on TV, and they were even showing it for a bit on ESPN during the coronavirus lockdown. There are also a lot of highlight reels that are on the Internet, and some of the top Spikeball…

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