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TV Shows: Suits Japan (FUJI TV)

Suits Japan is a Japanese remake of the American show that was on USA Network, Suits. I really enjoyed watching the American version, but Suits Japan is a great remake. Suits Japan has a star-studded cast (although you will likely only recognize them if you are a fan of Japanese TV), which includes Yuji Oda,…

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Podcasts: 99% Invisible

Now that I am stuck at home most days, I do not get to listen to as many podcasts as I used to. The amount of podcasts that I listen to now compared to pre-coronavirus is much smaller, yet I have still kept 99% Invisible on my list. 99% Invisible is a podcast produced by…

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Ministry of Supply

I was first introduced to Ministry of Supply by a friend of mine, and he always seems to find the best and newest things. He personally gave Ministry of Supply suits to all his groomsmen at his wedding, and they are a super cool brand with great products. Ministry of Supply was started by graduates…

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