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TV Shows: Erased (Netflix)

Erased is a drama on Netflix that I really enjoyed watching. Erased is a great show because it has a lot of different elements going on throughout the show. The main storyline in the drama involves the main character, Satoru (Yuki Furukawa), going back in time to stop incidents that have happened in his past.…

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TV Shows: IQ246

IQ246 is another Japanese show based on Sherlock Holmes. IQ246 has one of the most stacked cast of popular Japanese actors/actresses of any of the shows I have watched, and the cast was a big reason I chose to watch the show. The main character, Sharaku Homonji (Japanese version of Sherlock Holmes) is played by…

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TV Shows: Densha Otoko

Densha Otoko is the first Japanese show that I ever watched, as I watched it on DVD over 10 years ago. The show came out in 2005, and until recently, it was also the only Japanese show I had ever watched. Densha Otoko literally translates to “Train Man” in Japanese, and it is about about…

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